Cross-chain FPS Badmad Robots coming to Epic Games in Q2

Gamers waiting for a public launch of more web3 PC shooters won’t have to wait much longer.

Deploying on Immutable and Wemix, fast-paced multiplayer FPS Badmad Robots from Singapore-based developer Acid Rainbow is coming to Epic Games and Steam in Q2 2024. Ahead of the launch, we’ve been catching up with game producer @atijke and community member @kurwaii.

Can you tell us more about Acid Rainbow, the team behind Badmad Robots

Acid Rainbow, the creative force behind Badmad Robots, is a publisher and game development studio comprised of talented individuals with extensive experience in the gaming industry. Our team members have previously honed their skills at renowned companies such as Nintendo, Divtone Entertainment, and Liquidifty. Drawing from this wealth of experience, we are committed to creating innovative and immersive gaming experiences that seamlessly blend teamwork and competition.

What kind of game is Badmad Robots, and how does it stand out from other shooters?

Badmad Robots redefines the competitive FPS genre with its thrilling gameplay and unique features. Set in a brutal environment, a post-human world overrun by violent robots, the game offers players an intense, fast-paced free-to-play multiplayer shooter experience.

What sets it apart is the incorporation of mind-blowing abilities for each character, adding depth and excitement to every match.

How will the game be enhanced by blockchain?

The integration of blockchain technology elevates the gaming experience in Badmad Robots to new heights. By incorporating NFTs powered by the token METAL, players can unlock cosmetic upgrades and participate in tournaments with lucrative prize pools. Blockchain infrastructure ensures digital ownership, an open marketplace, and community governance, fostering a dynamic ecosystem around the game.

You recently signed a deal with Wemix. Can you tell us more about your multi-chain integration and what other ecosystems the game is launching on?

Our recent partnership with Wemix signifies our commitment to multi-chain integration. Through this collaboration, Badmad Robots will be accessible on various ecosystems. We are exploring additional ecosystems to launch the game on, ensuring maximum accessibility and engagement for players worldwide.

Are you sticking to PC or have you got plans to distribute via other platforms too?

Currently, we are focused on developing Badmad Robots for PC. However, we are open to exploring distribution via other platforms in the future to reach a broader audience of gamers and expand the game’s reach.

How’s the current playtesting going, and what’s the early reception of the game so far?

The initial reception of Badmad Robots has been incredibly positive, with users at events like NFT Paris expressing their enjoyment. Feedback has been encouraging, with players praising its intensity and comparing it favorably to other top-tier titles in the same category.

Moreover, our closed playtests are taking place this month and offer an exclusive opportunity for players to dive deeper into the action. Interested gamers can still apply for access to these playtests via our website – and be among the first to experience the adrenaline-pumping excitement of the game firsthand.

When will it launch publicly? 

We are excited to announce that the game will launch publicly in Q2 of 2024. Stay tuned for more updates as we prepare for the official launch of Badmad Robots on Epic Games and Steam.

For more about Badmad Robots, visit the game’s website, and preview page on Epic Games.

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