Immutable launches its rewards program The Main Quest

As it gears up for the launch of its mobile RPG Guild of Guardians on 15th May, blockchain gaming ecosystem Immutable has announced The Main Quest, which it calls the “largest ever web3 gaming rewards program”.

Designed to encourage players to get involved with Guild of Guardians and many forthcoming releases from partners using its new Immutable zkEVM platform, users can start exploring and claiming rewards immediately.

Indeed, Immutable and project partner Digital Worlds Foundation, which is the foundation behind the IMX token, say the value of the rewards available are already worth $50 million, with more treats to follow in the future.

Games that are part of The Main Quest’s first wave include Blast Royale, Hunters on Chain, Illuvium, MetalCore, Pixelmon, Pool Masters, Space Nation and Treeverse.

To participate users will have to create an Immutable Passport wallet or connect their wallet to the Immutable zkEVM chain, then collecting gems by performing various tasks and quests. Currently, you can just log-in daily to claim one gem.

Other rewards will include NFTs and tokens in participating games.

Create an Immutable Passport using email here and check out the rewards here.

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