First game live on Immutable zkEVM, MetalCore launches second playtest

Web3 game developer Studio369 begins its second closed playtest of open-world mech shooter MetalCore today (9th April), which will run through 22nd. As such it becomes the first playable game built on Immutable zkEVM.

This closed beta comes with brand new features including a Barony system which is equivalent to guilds. By participating in collaborative gameplay and wars between Baronies, players will be able to earn Marks – MetalCore’s in-game currency. In-game contracts and social missions are other ways players can earn Marks. In addition, the second playtest offers stronger PVE bosses generating bigger rewards, levelling updates, new consumables, and regional deployment.

Notably, MetalCore’s native token MCG will also become an essential part of the game, as it allows in-game items such as mechs, vehicles, and weapons crafted from blueprints or looted to be converted to NFTs. These can then be equipped and used in-game. 

MetalCore’s Closed Beta launch on Immutable zkEVM Mainnet today marks a big milestone for Studio369, as well as Immutable. Today, we couldn’t be more proud of the progress we’ve made together to seamlessly integrate web3 elements that elevate the gameplay and strategy. We are excited to raise the bar with MetalCore and finally show a really fun, high quality game that players can play right now,” said Immutable chief studio office Justin Hulog.

“We are immensely excited that MetalCore has become the first playable web3 title built on Immutable zkEVM Mainnet, coinciding with the start of our second Closed Beta event,” added Studio369 CEO Matt Candler.

Users who participated in the previous MetalCore playtest are automatically eligible to join the second closed beta, while new players can sign up here.

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