Elixir announces $1 million season pass prize pool

Web3 games distribution platform Elixir has dropped more details of its forthcoming Season One airdrop, including a prize pool worth over $1 million.

Running from 19th April through 3rd June, the event is preceded by a pre-season which starts 12th April.

The pre-season features an opportunity to be whitelisted for the Elixir Flask Freemint, Elixir’s 999 strong NFT collection, which will be given away for free on 25th April via Magic Eden. These NFTs unlock exclusive access to upcoming launches on web3 games store Elixir Launcher. Alternatively, owners can opt to burn their NFTs in return for a spin of a prize wheel.

In terms of the season pass, participants will be granted access to various quests on Elixir Launcher, both within the platform and in its participating games. Among some of those titles are RPG ChronosWorlds, turn-based strategy battler Elemental Raiders, soccer game Mokens League, and more. The top 200,000 players completing the quests will be eligible for a share of $550,000 in prizes based on their rankings.

In addition, there will be social missions and content creation challenges, through which players will be awarded tickets for giveaways including prizes worth $195,000 throughout the season.

Elixir Games CEO Carlos Roldan commented, “This event, with its distinctive combination of challenges, prizes, and exclusive activities, represents a significant milestone in Elixir’s journey and serves as a way to reward our dedicated community for their unwavering support.”

Backed by Square Enix, Spain-headquartered Elixir Games recently announced a $14 million seed funding round. Part of the funding has been earmarked to facilitate the forthcoming launch of the platform’s ELIX token. 

For more information about the Elixir Season One airdrop and how to join the NFT mint waitlist, visit Elixir’s website.

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