Gunzilla announces OpenSea integration for NFT trading

German web3 game developer Gunzilla has announced a partnership with NFT marketplace OpenSea. 

Practically, this will enable players of Gunzilla’s forthcoming shooter Off The Grid to trade in-game items on the NFT platform using the game’s own GUN token for payment, as OpenSea is integrating the company’s Avalanche-based GUNZ blockchain.

As such, it will be the 9th blockchain to be natively supported by OpenSea.

“The integration of GUNZ into OpenSea will provide a compliant and transparent NFT marketplace for trading in-game items,” Gunzilla Games said in a statement. 

“Players and OpenSea users alike will be able to trade in-game NFT items for any game built on the GUNZ blockchain and utilize the GUN token as the exclusive method of payment.”

Off The Grid is planned to launch on Xbox, PlayStation and PC later in 2024, likely making it the first blockchain-enabled game to go live for consoles.

As for Gunzilla, it recently announced it had raised $30 million of additional investment as it prepares for Off The Grid’s launch.

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