Gunzilla launches Gunz web3 gaming platform

German blockchain game developer Gunzilla has announced it’s working with the Avalanche blockchain to create its own gaming L1.

Called Gunz, it’s an Avalanche subnet, or app-specific blockchain, which means Gunzilla can optimize for the exact user experience it needs. Notably this means Gunz will be easy to access and require in-game tokens for gas fees, rather than the AVAX token.

This infrastructure – what Gunzilla labels its “digital economy platform” – will also be supported by the Gunz SDK and associated white-label services which will enable developers to build their own marketplaces, minting apps and companion apps.

As for Gunzilla, it’s using the platform for its forthcoming Off The Grid story-heavy battle cyberpunk royale/extraction shooter, which boasts input from District 9 director Neill Blomkamp and Altered Carbon author Richard Morgan.

“Our partnership with Avalanche not only allows us to leverage its highly scalable and secure blockchain infrastructure but also ensures a seamless, low-latency gaming experience for our players,” explained Gunzilla CEO Vlad Korolov. 

“By building Gunz, we aim to revolutionize the gaming landscape with a transparent in-game asset management system by providing a number of market-standard features for game developers who are creating their economy on blockchain.” 

Thirdparty developers deploying on Gunz will be announced in due course.

Find out more on the Gunz website.

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