Wildcard announces genesis mint starting 20th April

Wildcard, the PvP collectable card and arena action game, has announced the start date for its NFT genesis mint, slated for 20th April.

Comprising 4,444 WildPasses and minting exclusively on Magic Eden, all NFTs are on Polygon. For some players, the genesis mint will be their first foray into the broader Wildcard ecosystem, with owners receiving exclusive, life-long perks within the game.

According to the team these perks include limited, holder-only airdrop events, access to future minting events and early access to playtests. As the mint is available only through a restricted whitelist, the passes are likely to be in high demand.

About Wildcard

Set on the virtual world of Frostburn Village, Wildcard brings champions from across the galaxy as highly adaptable, NFT-based cards, which players can use to build their decks and battle with.

Learn more about Wildcard’s new WildPass by visiting its website.

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