Space Nation kicks off 10-week airdrop event

With closed beta recently kicking off, Space Nation has announced a 10-week airdrop event in its PC-based space MMORPG Space Nation Online.

Throughout the 10 weeks, OIK shards will be distributed daily to players holding an Alpha Gate and/or Prime Navigator NFTs. The OIK shards will accumulate each day and can be exchanged at a 10:1 ratio for OIK token, which is the primary token for the entire Space Nation ecosystem. 

The total prize pool contains 10 million OIK. Players can also access Space Nation’s membership platform Logistikos, which offers game missions, activities, and rewards, to keep track of their points.

Starting with phase 1 on 8th April, the event is divided into two parts. The initial phase revolves around earning OIK shards, whereas the second phase features social events, which will be announced on a regular basis.

More than just MMORPG Space Nation Online, Space Nation aims to build a deep sci-fi lore and IP through linear media, eventually including spin-off games, animated shorts, and a TV series. Team members include industry veterans Jerome Wu and Tony Tang, alongside filmmaker Roland Emmerich and media entrepreneur Marco Weber.

Stay up-to-date via the Space Nation Online event website.

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