Gods Unchained and Guild of Guardians unveil crossover card pack

Immutable has announced that its two first-party games – TCG Gods Unchained and squad RPG Guild of Guardians – are launching an IP crossover card expansion pack on 23rd April.

Titled Dread Awakening, the pack contains 148 cards, and will be the first major expansion pack in Gods Unchained‘s second season and comes with new game mechanics and cards that will change the meta.

Meanwhile, Guild of Guardians recently announced it’s slated for a global launch through app stores on 15th May.

Commenting on the release, God Unchained executive producer Daniel Paez said, “This was a really fun expansion for us to work on because we’ve been able to lean into the creativity and lore of Guild of Guardians. We’ve been dropping hints about the Dread and a possible IP crossover, but today, I’m excited that we are finally able to confirm that our vision is finally here.” 

“What makes this even more exciting for me is the anticipation of things to come from this collaboration. IP crossovers are just the tip of the potential we can unleash with web3 gaming – true game interoperability is right around the corner,” he added.

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