Immutable and OKX integrate to launch web3 gaming launchpad

Web3 gaming platform Immutable has announced a strategic partnership with crypto exchange OKX. Most notably, the collaboration includes the launch of a gaming launchpad on OKX’s popular NFT marketplace.

Moreover, Immutable’s zkEVM and Passport service will be integrated with OKX’s web3 wallet. The OKX web3 marketplace will also be included in Immutable’s Orderbook and Marketplace network, and more generally, the Immutable zkEVM will be supported by the OKX ecosystem.

In terms of Immutable, the company is preparing for the imminent release of numerous anticipated games on its zkEVM mainnet, which launched at the end of January. Among the most notable forthcoming titles are Guild of Guardians, MetalCore, and Shardbound.

OKX chief innovation officer Jason Lau commented, “Web3 gaming is on the verge of becoming mainstream, and at OKX, we are committed to making our wallet and marketplace the best way to access these next generation of games and their items. With over 270 titles in development on Immutable’s zkEVM, OKX wallet users will enjoy a smooth onboarding process, gameplay, and management of their in-game assets.”

“Collaborating with OKX aligns with our mission to bring digital proprietorship to every gamer in the world. OKX’s robust ecosystem and cutting-edge technology combined with Immutable’s web3 gaming expertise allows us to open new gaming experiences for millions of players worldwide,” added Immutable co-founder and president Robbie Ferguson.

The OKX GameFi launchpad is expected to launch sometime in the upcoming months.

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