InfiniGods deploying mobile title King of Destiny on Arbitrum

US-based mobile game developer InfiniGods has announced its most recent title King of Destiny is coming to Arbitrum, citing the network’s invisible wallets, high-speed transactions and growing dynamic mobile marketplace as main reasons for the move.

Although King of Destiny is the developer’s third web3 title, it’s the first mobile-based game with blockchain integration, and has become the team’s primary focus.

Prior to King of Destiny, InfiniGods has released browser-based puzzle game InfiniMerge and tower defense game Immortal Siege, both of which have previously been announced to deploy on Polygon. With interoperability a core feature of the InfiniGods ecosystem however, all its current and forthcoming titles are now set to join Arbitrum.

Casual mobile game King of Destiny is inspired by luck-battle titles like MonopolyGo, in which players aim to get jackpots while traveling across worlds, build cities, and defeat monsters. In terms of blockchain features, it contains in-game resource Fate which is earned progressively through gameplay and stored into Piggy Banks. Those Piggy Banks are tradable NFTs, which can be also be broken and converted back to Fate to be used in the game. Moreover, players can also use Fate to buy and collect exclusive avatars which are characters from the King of Destiny narrative.

InfiniGods’ CEO Damon Gura commented, “Arbitrum is the ideal network for King of Destiny. Their low transaction costs, fast transaction speeds and bustling community provides us with the environment and resources to scale King of Destiny to a global audience while delivering a next-generation player experience through blockchain technology.” 

King Of Destiny has been a highly-anticipated mobile game to come to web3 gaming ranks and we’re excited they decided to make Arbitrum their home,” added Offchain Labs Senior Partnerships Manager David Bolger.

“With features like Fate and Piggy Banks, the team is showing how web3 technology can elevate gameplay and player experience.”

Find out more at the King of Destiny website.

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