Affyn’s mobile MOBA Buddy Arena now live via app stores

Singapore-based web3 game developer Affyn has launched web3 mobile MOBA Buddy Arena globally.

In conjunction with the launch, Affyn has also released its multi-chain integration technology, intended to enable cross-chain interoperability ultimately enhancing the game experience.

With its simple gameplay of fast-paced arena battles where players aim to collect crystals and Buddies, Buddy Arena is adapted for a wide range of players. Giving it more depth however, is its web3 integration, which spans across multiple chains. Buddy Arena‘s play-and-earn model is powered by FYN, a token players earn through progressing in the game. Ultimately, FYN can be used to buy skins and cosmetics but also to enhance the gameplay experience.

Moreover, the game leverages multi-chain technology, which enables cross-chain interoperability of game assets. To this end, Affyn recently announced a collaboration with web3 entertainment company Imaginary Ones. This will see the Imaginary Ones NFT collection become operable in Buddy Arena, offering NFT holders exclusive in-game content featuring the Chi Chi IP.

Buddy Arena is set to release its next Play 2 Airdrop campaign on 4th April. Players can download the game via Google Play or Apple App Store.


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