Sky Mavis parts ways with ACT Games and

Sky Mavis co-founder and COO Alekander Larsen has announced an immediate end to Sky Mavis’ partnerships with game developers ACT Games and

Over the past year, there’s not been a shortage of indications that Axie-developer Sky Mavis is growing in confidence. After all, the company has crowned its Ronin blockchain “the king of gaming chains”. 

In terms of web3 strategy, Ronin has also remained transparent about its quality-before-quantity approach, hence choosing to onboard a dozen or so games rather than the more widely adopted market strategy of onboarding hundreds.

In that context, it’s perhaps no surprise to see some of the third-party developers Ronin previously onboarded are now being rejected for various reasons. Of course, ecosystems part ways with developers on a regular basis, it only doesn’t become headline news. Earlier this month, Battle Bears Heroes was the first official third-party company to leave Ronin.

As Larsen commented on X, “As we onboard games, some will be an immediate fit with the community, and some will not be. As in any relationship, when the ‘spark’ is not there we believe the best path forward is to part ways.”

South Korean developer ACT Games is the first to be mentioned, with its TCG Zoids Wild Arena ceasing to run on Ronin within 24 hours. Its NFTs will also be taken off the network, and holders will be given a small compensation in RON.

Larsen commented “There have been some strategic shifts with the leadership within ACT that no longer aligns with the vision we have at Ronin Network”.

The other collaboration ceasing with immediate effect is that with Indian developer Currently not with any live games on Ronin, the reason given is that “it is not a natural fit with the Ronin community”. has instead announced that BNB will be its future home.

This announcement is a little more surprising, however, as Sky Mavis led Bowl’s funding round, which was announced in February 2024.

Still, with the most gamers in the web3 space, mainly thanks to Pixels, and with continuous buzz around its other third-party games and tokens such as Apeiron, Kaidro, and Wild Forest, not to mention the revival of its own Axie games, it’s clear that Sky Mavis has the upper hand and more leeway to dictate its authority today compared to a year ago.

Larsen endedby saying “Moving forward the business team at Sky Mavis/Ronin Network is even more focused on bringing teams who are fully aligned with our web3 strategy, and our pipeline is stacked with amazing games and exciting IPs coming to Ronin that we can’t wait to share with you.”

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