Google Cloud now supports Aptos GameStack

Blockchain developer Aptos Labs has announced a deepening of its partnership with Google Cloud. This will see its unified live service platform GameStack becoming part of the Google Cloud ecosystem.

GameStack enables developers to build, monetize and distribute their web3 games, as well as providing analytics, within a one-stop shop backend platform.

“Games of any kind can now easily harness the power of web3 technology with Aptos GameStack,” said Google’s director for games, strategic industries, Jack Buser.

“Our partnership with Aptos Labs elevates the player benefits of Web3 technology into the mainstream of the games industry.”

GameStack’s specific features including

  • Access to Unity APIs for wallets, transactions, NFT collections, tokens, and other web3 elements.
  • The ability to use Aptos’ token standard enabling dynamic, composable digital assets for on-chain building, crafting, and evolving. Its cost-efficient infrastructure also reduces minting costs by up to eight time.
  • Aptos GameStack provide a web2-friendly sign-on experience that connects with users’ existing profiles (Facebook, Gmail etc), which are safeguarded by Aptos-native enterprise-grade security. 
  • It also streamlines payment processes for better in-game user engagement, directly integrating fiat on and off ramps. 
  • Finally, GameStack is monitored by a 24/7 support team. 

Find out more at the GameStack website.

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