Oxya Origin holds private beta for Road to Genesis letting players earn sought-after $OXYZ token

Oxya Origin has announced the exclusive private beta launch of Road to Genesis, the studio’s upcoming third-person shooter with both web2 and web3 elements. With its approachable medley of traditional gameplay and blockchain features, Oxya Origin aims to make asset ownership within games as easy and enjoyable as possible for all kinds of players, whether it’s across the ice-covered lands of the planet Kryo or the mineral-rich mountains of Luxion.

The Oxya Origin gaming ecosystem

With the launch of the private beta for Road to Genesis on March 15th, players can now immerse themselves into the lush gaming ecosystem of Oxya Origin’s titles. This includes the free-to-play game as developed in incubation at Ubisoft, boasting UE 5.2 Lumen Nanite and generative AI tools that let players explore the world and battle fearsome foes to survive.

Part of the ecosystem is The Oxyan HQ strategy dashboard, which is currently in its Alpha phase. Here, players can manage their assets and even send off their avatars across the stars on intergalactic quests. They’ll seize control of their Lands, bring back valuable resources from their expeditions, farm, and upgrade their gear. Then, these can be traded on the integrated marketplace for a more lucrative endeavour.

Additionally, the Gatemap (3D Map) in its Public Alpha phase tasks players with controlling a remote satellite in a gamified experience as they venture into the unknown, go on treasure hunts, and uncover the secrets of the Origin universe in exchange for bountiful rewards.

Asset ownership in Road to Genesis

Optimising AI and Machine Learning tools, Road to Genesis is able to offer players a more engaging experience enhanced with Unreal Engine 5 – a feat that more than 200,000 community members are currently enjoying. Oxya Origin was able to raise over $7 million from mint, which has been reinvested to improve upon the title’s development.

As players climb the leaderboards during the beta, they can expect to reap rewards depending on individual standings. To nab these goodies, players will be gauged based on daily engagement as well – an appealing way to score the sought-after $OXYZ token that be traded on centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Ways to acquire in-game currency

While other web3 titles might make the acquisition of the in-game currency a tad more complicated than web2 games, Oxya Origin lets players earn $OGEM via daily bonuses, leaderboard placings, wheel spins and more. Among the rewards on offer include Alkar, Steelvar, and Electrium resources.

These can be accessed via the Private Beta’s three tiers: Citizens Access for whitelisted wallets, Mercenary Access for Key holders, and Federation Access for NFT owners. This way, Oxya Origin can merge web2 and web3 by focusing on quality gameplay and an engaging narrative, while providing seamless and easily integrated asset ownership at the same time.

If you’re keen on learning more, you can visit the official website to see how you can take part in this
thriving player-owned asset economy.

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