Soccerverse launches final open beta

UK-based soccer management sim Soccerverse has launched its open beta. The developer has also announced that this is the last beta ahead of the public launch, slated for summer 2024.

To get started with Soccerverse, which contains over 110,000 players from more than 3,500 clubs, users need to join its Discord to receive a free pack of player cards and SMC tokens. 

Alongside the option to explore the full depth of this vast soccer universe, including its economic simulation and club management elements, there’s also an opportunity to just enjoy the less complex aspects. Those players can invest in particular clubs and players and track their progress throughout the biweekly matches. 

Among the new features this beta season is club takeovers, where you can take charge of an unmanaged club and set out its tactics, although you’ll still need the club’s influencers to have full control and get paid. Those influencers are the decision-makers of clubs and players, and they also get paid a share of the club’s performance.

Deployed on Polygon, Soccerverse operates fully onchain and aims to create a fully decentralised self-sustaining gaming ecosystem. Working in close bond with its community, despite this being the last beta stage before public launch, the developer is continually looking for feedback to help improve the game.

To find out more, visit, and join the Soccerverse Discord.

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