Indian esports platform STAN launching on Aptos

Indian fandom outfit STAN has announced plans to launch its esports and influencer platform on the Aptos blockchain, in collaboration with Aptos Labs. 

By leveraging Aptos, STAN, which already boasts 1 million monthly active users, with a quarter of a million already engaging in web3 activities, seeks to extend the reach of web3 gaming to its existing user base. Beyond that, it also aims to reach the wider Indian gaming market.

With what’s described as a web2.5 strategy, STAN’s platform enables gamers to support and engage with a range of prominent esports celebrities through the purchase of NFTs, which grants gated access to play with, meet and interview them. By integrating with Aptos, users will be able to gain ownership of these NFTs.

Emerging from a recent $2.7 million pre-series A funding round, in addition to the backing  from Aptos and other supportive partners, the company also plans to expand beyond India into LATAM and Asia.

STAN co-founder Parth Chadha commented, “We’re thrilled to partner with Aptos, a blockchain platform uniquely positioned to accelerate STAN’s growth and innovation. Their exceptional scalability, rock-solid security, and cost-effectiveness are game-changers for our high-volume NFT and gaming needs. Aptos’ cutting-edge technology like Move and their commitment to the Indian gaming community further solidify this partnership as a win-win for both parties. We’re excited to unlock the full potential of Web3 gaming together”.

Aptos Labs co-founder and CEO Mo Shaikh added, “Seeing STAN attract a million users monthly in India really speaks to its impact on the esports world. Together, we’re taking STAN global, making it easier for fans to connect with their esports heroes.”

Find out more about STAN via its website.

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