Apeiron unveils $30,000 PVP esports tournament

Singapore-based Foonie Magus’ hybrid god game Apeiron has announced a partnership with Hong Kong esports platform Talon and LA-based United Esports. Together the trio will host the Nova Tournament, including notable web2 and web3 players from around the world, to showcase Apeiron’s PVP gameplay.

Built on Ronin, Apeiron is described as a god x roguelite x battle arena game, which is also available as F2P on mobile. The latter version allows players to opt into web3 and upgrade their NFTs via Apeiron’s marketplace. 

In terms of the Nova tournament, it features two conferences, each hosting eight top players. The western event is scheduled for 4-6th April, while the eastern event is set for 11-13th April. 

With a double-elimination bracket format, the matches will be best-of-one and best-of-three. Competitors from both events will share a total prize pool is $30,000, which is split equally between the two conferences.

Some of the players lined-up for the western tournament include Rdu, Ralo, Orangie and Brycent. For the eastern one, players like 1437, Deathsie, Raiden and Yellow Panther will participate.

“The appetite and opportunity for esports within the Web3 space continues to grow and what we love about Apeiron is that it has a low floor making it easy to come in and play, but a high ceiling for experienced players to grow into their mastery of the game,” commented Talon co-founder Jazz Tham.

“We are excited to partner with TALON and United Esports from both the East and West to bring competitive web3 esports to a wider audience seeking strategic and fast-paced gameplay, said Foonie Magus CEO Frank Cheng.

“Apeiron’s unique gaming experience challenges players’ strategic thinking, reflexes, and ability to improvise, offering an exhilarating experience for both streamers and viewers to witness and share the most epic clutch moments and comebacks.”

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