Trinity Gaming, EmChain and Everdome push web3 in India

Leading Indian games marketing companies on YouTube and Facebook, Trinity Gaming has announced a new collaboration with metaverse developer Everdome. Together they will develop what they called “the first virtual Mars community”.

With this partnership, Trinity Gaming access real estate on Everdome’s virtual Mars metaverse, which runs on the BNB blockchain, and allocate these estates to its content creators, esports organizations, brands, and other companies.

In order to do so, Trinity’s also collaborating with web3 UA company EmChain. The two entities will train, mentor and provide revenue streams for content creators as they build on their virtual land to create spaces such as streaming rooms, play areas, lounges, display areas and art galleries. They can then invite their communities and other creators to share the experiences.

“This development will provide Indian gaming content creators with a first-of-its-kind opportunity. Under the aegis of EmChain and Everdome’s expertise, we at Trinity Gaming strive to equip Indian game developers with globally recognized technical know-how to create a truly immersive gaming experience,” commented founder and COO Shivam Rao.

“Our partnership with EmChain and their network of content creators helps us in our mission to reach new audiences with our metaverse experience, not just in terms of a South Asian and Indian audience, but also a brand new direct engagement with a thriving gaming community,’’ added Everdome’s chief growth officer Artur Kaczmarczyk.

Through these partnerships, all three companies aim to facilitate the transition from web2 to web3, mentor and provide monetization to creators, esports organizations, and push the Indian gaming community towards the metaverse.

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