RLTY partners with Degens for Degen City metaverse space

No-code metaverse platform RLTY, which helps create immersive 3D experiences, has partnered with Solana NFT community Degen to create Degen City, a fully customized 3D experience.

Using RLTY’s metaverse platform, which was recently launched, Degen City is the first permanent experience with a community.

Accessible to Degens, the 3D city will serve as a hub for their future events and a virtual dwelling for the community, featuring a Degen bar, an NFT shop, art gallery, meeting rooms, and more.

“We have been closely working with RLTY to deliver one of the best metaverse experiences so far and thus will be able to do our first event at the end of this month in Degen City. We are SUPER excited to partner with RLTY for this metaverse event,” commented Urkann, the founder of Degen Factory.

The RLTY x Degens event will take place Tuesday May 30th at 5pm CET and is reserved for 128 attendees.

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