RLTY partners with Ready Player Me

No-code metaverse event company RLTY has partnered with interoperable 3D avatar platform Ready Player Me, enabling RLTY users to transfer in their existing Ready Player Me avatars or make a new personalized ones.

The new integration enables brands and event builders to give RLTY users a more customizable experience with their avatars. Plus once the event ends, users can export their avatars to more than 7,000 apps and games that already support Ready Player Me.

“This collaboration will allow users to create and customize their avatars quickly and easily for use in RLTY. With access to unique wearables and skins, brands can offer incredible metaverse experiences for their customers,” commented RLTY’s CEO Zack Sabban.

Since the metaverse enables customization, brands like Gucci, Fendi and Nike have been experimenting with virtual wearables. They’re now looking for ways to offer alternative experiences to existing customers.

Brands using RLTY can host up to 20,000 users simultaneously with avatars seeing up to 130 other avatars in a single ‘instance’. In addition, users can connect with their existing contacts and directly jump to them. This customization, both for organizers and attendees, will give more personalisation without sacrificing on performance and innovation. 

Find out more at the RLTY website.

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