Chia pushes its game NFT interoperability potential

Hard drive space-based blockchain Chia Network has announced its Chia Open Digital Economy (CODE) initiative, which is designed to onboard and encourage game developers to its ecosystem.

A major part of this is its ChiaTCG proof-of-concept, which as well as being a collaborative card game, is designed to highlight the interoperability of assets on the blockchain as it will support existing NFT collections.

It’s currently in the early stages with the community able to vote on the name and the logo, which will be revealed on 25th May. Players who own at least 6 Chia NFTs will get early access to the game on 18th May with its source code to be released on 1st June.

In addition, several teams are working on games that will use ChiaTCG’s base NFTs, as well as having their own NFTs used in ChiaTCG. Examples include Decentralized Dominion from SumSet Tech.

Chia is also working on a blockchain abstraction layer which it hopes to release by the end of the year. This will help web2 game companies to integrate their games onto Chia, including support for its NFT1 standard and its Chia Offers NFT trading protocol, which is directly peer-to-peer, without need of marketplaces or trading fees.

“Players should be able to move their usable digital assets from one game to another – this has been the promise and aspiration of metaverse gaming,” said Chia’s chief metaverse officer Richard Tsao.

“Thus far, we’ve seen unfinished and reductive web3 products leaving players and studios wanting. The metaverse doesn’t deliver yet. We want to realize the dream that allows digital ownership in the open metaverse, and when done correctly, we believe we’ll see a viable solution for gamers and creators.”

You can find out more about Chia Network via its website and check out more details about ChiaTCG here.

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