Degen Zoo moves to BNB to avoid ETH gas costs

Still high riding on the attention following Logan Paul’s very messy CryptoZoo project, charity game Degen Zoo is looking to move from Ethereum to BNB in the next seven days.

The reason for the move was announced on the project’s Twitter, stating that “the impact from NFT ETH people is insignificant compared to gas fees, therefore we are moving.”

On medium, DAO Maker and founder of Degen Zoo Chris Zaknun explains further that “playing the game costs around $35 per [egg] hatch, which our users pay for no reason. Instead of waiting any longer, we adapted quickly right at the start of the game.”

Bridging the DZOO token on Ethereum to wDZOO on BNB is processed to start imminently and users will be airdropped $BNB as compensation for the move. Degen Zoo is hoping the move will see more players ape into the game from an early stage. Another measure is to lower the staking amount which means more users can stake into the eggs.

Zaknun goes on to state how grateful he is for the 205 devoted players the game has had on Ethereum so far, but ends with the note that “killing, hatching, and claiming eggs on ETH will not be activated again”.

Degen Zoo’s story

Starting out as a joke by the team behind DAO Maker, Degen Zoo was inspired by the hype and failure of the-now seemingly discontinued CryptoZoo

The Degen Zoo website and whitepaper was up and running in five days but the team still largely considered the project a joke. However, the community viewed them as something more, which led them to build a proper blockchain game in 30 days, where all profits are claimed go to animal charities.

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