Pixels moving from Polygon to Ronin

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Social browser farming game Pixels – which launched on the Polygon blockchain – is transitioning to Sky Mavis’ Ronin.

Pixels claims to be the most popular blockchain game on Polygon with over 1.5 million monthly on-chain transactions, more than 100,000 monthly active wallets, and 5,000 DAU, although that data looks like it’s from a couple of months ago. DappRadar is showing between 2,000 and 3,000 DAUs during September.

The reason provided is that running on Ronin will be cheaper in terms of gas fees as well as providing the opportunity for Pixels to attract the existing Axie Infinity audience. Certainly Sky Mavis thinks the social gameplay and open economics will prove to be synergetic to the Axie community.

The move chimes with two broad trends, which have seen games such as Mighty Action Heroes and MetalCore moving from Polygon to other blockchains, while Sky Mavis is steadily building up its portfolio of thirdparty-developed games for Ronin.

Other studios building on Ronin include Directive Games, Tribes, Bali Games, Bowled.io, SkyVu, and Zillion Whales.

“Sky Mavis is the only company that has achieved scale in web3 gaming, so partnering with the team and migrating to Ronin, naturally made a lot of sense. Collaborating with a team that operates not on assumptions but hands-on, proven experience was a no-brainer. Migrating to Ronin and leveraging their wisdom simply felt like the next logical step in our journey, ” commented Pixels’ CEO Luke Barwikowski.

Check out Pixels via its website.

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