PixelPals’ season 0 prize pool approaches $200,000

Pixelmon community web3 game PixelPals from Ethereum L2 chain Mantle and Pixelmon developer LiquidX is approaching the end of its two-month-long Season 0.

Designed to encourage community engagement while also enabling players to get an allocation of the forthcoming MON token, PixelPals is a hypercasual Tamagotchi-style game, where players keep their creature alive for as long as possible, all while aiming to level up their habitat in order to climb the leaderboard and get more MON.

Next after Vietnam and the US, the Philippines is in the top three countries playing the game, and Filipino gamers are one of the most active in the PixelPals community, which contains players from 212 countries. Indeed, as a measure of the game’s success, over 480,000 unique wallets have played PixelPals, which has generated over 100,000 daily active wallets in recent weeks.

Available both on browser and mobile, PixelPals is free-to-play, but provides the option to spend USDT to buy items for the pets to keep them alive for longer, and gain additional Pet Points in the process.

To-date, almost $200,000 has been spent buying IAPs, a sum which will be distributed to players via a separate Pet Points based leaderboard at the end of the season.

Following the end of season 0 on 29th April, season one will feature a turn-based card battle game, using new asset PixelCards (as shown above). Winnings from season 0 can be used to buy PixelCards in season one.

Check out PixelPals now via its website.

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