Gas Hero launch drives up Polygon NFT trading volume

There are many signs pointing to a blockchain gaming spring and Find Satoshi Lab’s social strategy game Gas Hero‘s surge in NFT trading volume since launching on browsers six days ago is one of them.

Notably its Common Hero NFTs have grabbed the number one spot on CryptoSlam over the last 24 hours in terms of NFT trading volume. 

As per Sunday 7th January, all Gas Hero NFT collections combined, including Heroes, Items, Pets and Coupons, surpassed the total 24-hour NFT trading volume on Ethereum. 

Common Heroes currently have a floor price of 3,200 GMT tokens ($1,250), while Base Construction Vehicles, which are NFTs required to get access to the game, have a floor price of 2,195 GMT ($850).

Unlike STEPN, which initially deployed on Solana and later expanded to BNB and Ethereum, Gas Hero is deployed on Polygon, and it seems the chain will benefit greatly from hosting the game.

Judging from the recent uptick in NFT trading on the Polygon network – around $37 million at time of writing for January so far – Gas Hero looks likely to drive the volume past $100 million in January, something which wasn’t achieved during any month in 2023. 

Like FSL’s debut blockchain game STEPN, Gas Hero is powered by the GMT token. Although down slightly in the last 24 hours, GMT has also seen an increase since the Gas Hero launch, up 15% in the last 7 days and over 40% in the last year, as per CoinGecko.

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