FSL’s Gas Hero goes live

Developer of move-to-earn app STEPN, Find Satoshi Lab, has launched an early version of social strategy game Gas Hero

Still in beta – the game will eventually launch on mobile – it’s currently available through browser. Sign in can be done with email, at which point a wallet is created for users. You’ll have to remember your password and you’ll get an encrypted backup to save to Google or Apple.

At large, Gas Hero is about strategy. By recruiting squads of heroes which are sent into battles, players aim to gain power, collect NFTs and earn GMT, the token underpinning Find Satoshi Lab’s ecosystem.

Describing the game, Find Satoshi Lab COO Shiti Maghani, says “We wanted to build a social game, a game where people can collect NFTs and fight for core human needs like fame and wealth. And that’s what Gas Hero is all about – you battle, you collect NFTs, and you earn GMT. There’s a lot of strategizing involved.”

Unlike STEPN, which initially deployed on Solana and later expanded to BNB and Ethereum, Gas Hero is deployed on Polygon, and uses a bridged version of the GMT token. This is something FSL has done intentionally to not be unidimensional but in an attempt to grow its community.

It should be noted, in this beta version players have access to the tutorial but then need to purchase a $300 NFT before they can play the actual game and start earning GMT. Obviously this will have to change before the game gets app store approval, where NFTs need to be an optional rather than required feature.

Find out more at the Gas Hero’s website.

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