Xterio leveraging BNB for its L2 scaling tech

Xterio has announced it’s launching its L2 scaling tech in partnership with Binance Labs, using Binance’s BNB Chain for security.

Additionally, the gaming-focused L2 chain will leverage BNB as a gas token and contribute to the infrastructure of the BNB ecosystem. OP Stack will be used for its rollup framework, and EigenDA for data availability, while the chain will be operated by AltLayer. 

The deal comes at the back of a previous $15 million investment from Binance Labs into Xterio. Enhancing their strategic collaboration will mainly benefit Xterio in that BNB will support it in terms of marketing, including referral programs.

Boasting five firstparty triple-A titles – including Overworld and Age of Dino – Xterio says it already has two million users. The forthcoming games will all be powered by the ecosystem’s XTER token and feature AI-elements. Among other features such as account abstracted wallets, cheap transactions, single-click purchases, flexible payment marketplace and launchpad, Xterio will also aim to make onchain integrations invisible as far as possible to players.

Xterio CEO Michael Tong commented, “Xterio is steadfast in its ambition to carve out a prominent position within the BNB Chain ecosystem and emerge as the foremost chain and platform worldwide, setting the gold standard for on-chain gaming.” 

“By harnessing the power of BNB and combining it with Xterio’s vision and expertise, we aspire to establish Xterio as the undeniable leader in the BNB Chain universe.”

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