Nexon building MapleStory Universe on Polygon

South Korea’s largest gaming developer and publisher Nexon has announced Polygon as the choice for its forthcoming web3 MMOG project MapleStory Universe

The move is encouraging news for the industry, especially in the light of CCP Games’ announcement that it’s raised $40 million to make a blockchain game based on one of the world’s biggest MMOG EVE Online.

Choosing Polygon Supernets secures the technological and business support the game requires for the MapleStory Universe’s ecosystem, but will also expand the scope of the in-game economy.

“We are looking forward to expanding the NFT ecosystem envisioned by MapleStory Universe by building on Polygon,” said the game’s group leader Sun-young Hwang, and adding “We will work closely with the team at Polygon Labs to develop and market the game.”

Players will be able to trade items with one another using the currency of MapleStory Universe. Players will also acquire NFTs through gameplay such as hunting monsters and completing quests.

Over the past 20 years, the MapleStory IP has attracted over 180 million registered users, making the game one of Nexon’s most popular. 

“Nexon selecting Polygon Supernets to power its worldwide hit MapleStory Universe sends a strong message to the entire gaming industry about the future of blockchain gaming”, said Ryan Wyatt, president of Polygon Labs. 

Find out more at the MapleStory Universe website.

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