Fumb Games’ Paul West hopes for more relevant use of blockchain in 2024

As the year comes to an end, we’re asking some of the key members of the blockchain gaming sector what they thought about what happened in 2023, and what they expect in 2024. You can check out all our interviews in this series here.

Paul West is the CEO of Fumb Games, the UK-based team working on Bitcoin Miner and SpaceY. West is also set to speak at Pocket Gamer Connects London in January, where he’ll dive deeper into his learnings of building games on blockchain.

What was the most significant news of 2023?

I think it’s great that the past 12 months has been calm compared to the wild ride of 2022. The biggest news that rocked the boat in gaming was most likely the Unity pricing changes, which has since been amended. It appears more positive sentiment is creeping back into the crypto markets and we certainly see this as the organic growth of our game Bitcoin Miner has been increasing alongside the market price. 

How did the focus of your business change this year?

Very little has changed for us as the fundamentals remain the same. Our business is focused on building great idle games that surprise and delight players.

The good news for us was that our web3 game continued to grow and be stable in the bear market. If we are now entering a market upswing then it’s a good opportunity to see how big our game can go.

What do you predict will be the most important trends in 2024?

I believe the trends of 2024 will be defined by the market. If the sentiment is bullish, we will no doubt see the return of the “get rich quick” projects that are not here for the long term or adding much value to the industry.

I personally hope for a more stable year of growth where blockchain technology finds more ways to power relevant use cases. e.g. our rewarding model in Bitcoin Miner is literally not possible via any other method outside of blockchain due to all web2 platform fees. It’s an actual use case for crypto!

What was your favourite blockchain game of the year?

I am still awaiting a killer CCG (Card Collection Game) that will allow me to earn, buy and sell my card collection as I love this use case for NFTs. However, due to this being one of the most expensive and challenging types of games to make, I imagine it will be a few years before something like this can dethrone the current CCG kings.

What’s your New Year’s resolution and what resolution would you enforce on the industry?

My new years resolution last year was a bit lame: to eat less sugar. I’m getting older, and Shakira was right, the hips don’t lie.

Regarding the industry, I would absolutely apply a resolution that web3 builders can only focus on underpromising and overdelivering. How refreshing that would be!

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