Ultra announces the first tradable PC game

In a quest to push the boundaries of decentralized gaming and digital ownership, PC game platform and distribution store Ultra has announced the release of its first tradable game, a web2 beat-’em up called Josh Journey: Darkness Totems.

By making its games tradable, or tokenizing them, Ultra aims to tackle the absence of true ownership among PC gamers over the content they buy. This solution enables users to not only buy but also resell their digital gaming content. While users are currently limited to an individual license to access game material, Ultra is set to offer these game licenses as digital tokens on their platform, which grants users complete ownership rights.

Of course, not all PC gamers care about ownership, but it’s likely a higher representation of those who do among a blockchain powered platform such as Ultra. And this category of gamers is likely to grow in line with the ever increasing controversies surrounding centralized PC games.

Ultra’s co-CEO Nicolas Gilot commented, “For the majority of mainstream PC gamers, true ownership of their digital games isn’t a burning issue – until it is. Recent history has clearly shown that digital content in users’ libraries can be removed at short notice as platforms, companies and licensing agreements change.”

Some game developers might not be ready to see their games become tradable blockchain assets either. For that reason Ultra lets developers opt in to reselling of their games and leave them in charge of minimum resale price and desired revenue split.

“By tokenizing the games on Ultra and providing developers with the option to make their titles tradable, we hope to unlock new revenue streams and community engagement features for developers of all types of PC game, while giving all users true ownership of their content – even if they don’t know they need it yet!”, added Gilot.

As for the first tokenized title, Josh Journey: Darkness Totems, it’s a web2 beat’em up indie game developed by Brazil-based Provincia Studios.

To stay up-to-date about Ultra, visit the Ultra platform.

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