Immutable highlights its gas-free player experience

In its mission to make blockchain gaming more accessible to general gamers, Immutable is highlighting how its forthcoming Immutable zkEVM tech gives developers the ability to remove gas fees for their players.

The option is part of the Immutable Passport onboarding tech, which means developers can pay for their players’ fees, something that’s particularly important during the first time user experience.

In this way, when Immutable zkEVM goes live in early 2024, Immutable plans to sponsor the gas fees for all games in its ecosystem for a limited time. More generally, it estimates the cost will be $500-$1,000 for every 100,000 users, although it doesn’t specify over what time period.

“There are a couple of norms in the blockchain space that mainstream players simply won’t accept — gas fees fall into that category. To truly appeal to all gamers, web3 games must be able to offer players a familiar and streamlined user experience, making the blockchain components as effortless and native as possible,” commented Immutable’s CTO Alex Connolly.

Of course, Immutable isn’t the only outfit offering such functionality.

Sky Mavis gifts each Ronin wallet users with 5 free transactions per day, while infrastructure providers such as Sequence also provide the ability to pay for users’ gas fees, in its case with what it calls its “gas tank”.

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