Thanks to mobile launch, Nine Chronicles hits 115,603 MAUs

Opinions vary about what was the most important news for the web3 gaming sector in 2023 but undeniably, the change of rules for blockchain games on App Store and Google Play had a significant impact for many developers. 

One of the most popular blockchain games to date has been South Korean developer Planetarium Labs’ PC-based RPG Nine Chronicles, which announced plans to expand to mobile earlier in the year. While it wasn’t just a matter of adopting the existing Nine Chronicles to mobile, Planetarium built a new game called Nine Chronicles M, which launched across both PC and mobile.

Crunching recently launched data on the mobile game’s performance shows it had over 220,000 pre-registrations ahead of its launch on 22nd November.

Three weeks on, the game has exceeded 250,000 downloads on the app stores. Moreover, across its original Nine Chronicles release and the new Nine Chronicles M release – confusingly both are now available on mobile and PC – the game has recorded an all-time player high of 115,603 monthly active users spread across more than 150 countries. Highest retention rate has been noted among Japanese players.

Indeed, with Nine Chronicles launching back in 2021, the boost provided by the mobile launch has also taken the franchise’s lifetime total of registered players over one million, as highlighted on X.

You can find out more about Nine Chronicles via its website.

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