Most popular blockchain games of January 2024

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Welcome to our regular look at the most popular blockchain games, using data from DappRadar.

January 2024 has seen the much the same trends as experienced in Q4 2023; Pixels has continued to grow to around 170,000 daily active unique wallets, while Alien Worlds and Splinterlands have continued to decline.

Pixels’ trajectory was expected as it’s just completed its two week-long play-to-airdrop token event, and its new PIXEL token is going live via the Binance Launchpad imminently. The social RPG is also experimenting with new in-game mission mechanics so there’s still a lot of excitement surrounding the project. The price velocity of the PIXEL token will likely be a key factor in how the game grows in the coming months.

As for Aliens Worlds and Splinterlands, while they remain active in terms of launching new features, their audience has at best plateaued. Perhaps this should not be a surprise as these are games which have been operating for a number of years, making it difficult for them to compete with new games that are launching their gameplay and tokens in this new crypto bull market.

When it comes to the next tier of blockchain games, idle RPG Nine Chronicles has seen some drop-off following its mobile launch in Q4 2023, but it remains the best of the rest, with around 40,000 daily active unique wallets. The next big feature for the game will be the introduction of guilds.

As ever, Upland’s audience has remained steady at just over 20,000 DAUWs.

Axie Infinity is up to 17,000 DAUWs, and it’s been joined by Apeiron, which is a new game also coming to the Ronin blockchain that also hosts Axie Infinity and Pixels. However, at present Apeiron itself isn’t live with this data tracking wallets interacting with its token pre-launch campaign.

Another game worth considering is Find Satoshi Lab’s Gas Hero, which has been very successful in terms of driving NFT sales on the Polygon blockchain, but has a limited audience because of its NFT-gated gameplay. Anyone can play the tutorial but creating a game account currently costs around $100, and players then have to spend hundreds more to acquire the NFT characters to actually play.

In this way, perhaps it’s best viewed as an interesting example of how blockchain games can be very lucrative even though they only have a niche audience.

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