Egretia Teams up with ArcBlock and CyberMiles in HTML5 ecosystem

Trio combine forces to create a formidable space for blockchain-based HTML5 games

HTML5 Blockchain platform Egretia has established an official strategic cooperation with platforms ArcBlock and CyberMiles.

ArcBlock lays claim to being the world’s first blockchain ecosystem designed for the development of decentralized applications. Egretia and ArcBlock will collaborate in the field of HTML5 blockchain games, working to release HTML5 games and applications powered by the Egretia workflow on the ArcBlock platform.

CyberMiles is a smart commercial contract blockchain, launched by 5xlab. Egretia and CyberMiles will innovate together in the HTML5 blockchain application arena. With Egretia’s complete HTML5 blockchain development workflow, the partners hope that e-commerce applications based on CyberMiles will be quick to develop.

Egretia founder Peter Huang recently spoke on HTML5 within blockchain: “Our attitude towards blockchain games should not be restricted by our thoughts about traditional game models and our current circumstances. This can be compared to how PC game developers viewed web games and how mobile game developers viewed HTML5 games.”

You can read more of his thoughts in our previous article.


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