Crypto Unicorns’ Unicorn Party live via app stores

US developer Laguna Games’ Unicorn Party has launched its most recent addition, Unicorn Trivia, on mobile.

Available via browser since 2023, Unicorn Party is an umbrella portfolio currently including casual arcade games Mob Run, Bumpercorns and Unicorn Trivia. Whereas battle royale-style Bumpercorns and io-style game Mob Run have been live since 2023, quiz game Unicorns Trivia recently released via browser and app stores.

All games are an IP extension to the developer’s existing blockchain game Crypto Unicorns with rewards entailing its RBW token.

Following the announcement of its free-to-play mobile game portfolio last year,’s Jon Jordan sat down for a chat with Laguna Games CEO Aron Beierschmitt, who explained the mission of building on the existing core of players to funnel LTV to its original game Crypto Unicorns.

In December 2023, Laguna Games also launched its browser-based Stumble Guys-style casual title Rainbow Rumble in which players race to complete an obstacle course in order to get on the leaderboard.

In addition, it launched Shadowcorns for its more dedicated player base, in which users must own a Shadowcorns unicorn NFT to get access to the game and attempt to steal resources from other players.

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