Wild Forest launching first NFTs on Ronin from 22nd February

Following the launch of Sky Mavis’ Mavis Store earlier in January 2024, three games, Axie Infinity Origins, Battle Bears Heroes and Axie Sky Smash, have listed items in the online shop. Now PVP card-collecting RTS Wild Forest from Zillion Whales has followed suit, unveiling its first mint on Mavis Store, scheduled for 22nd February. 

The mint will contain

  • 3,000 Standard Packs priced at $10, 
  • 1,500 Premium Packs priced at $30, and 
  • 250 Founder Packs priced at $100. 

Additionally, beta players will share Whitelists for 1500 Premium and 250 Founder Packs. Starting 16th and running to 18th February, 35 Founder Pack Whitelists will be randomly awarded every day to those playing Wild Forest anytime during those dates.

By participating in the mint, users will also be eligible for a chance to get one of 1,000 Lord NFTs. As more game features are being released, these NFTs will offer exclusive gameplay experiences.

The gacha packs also feature 5,000 Legendary and Epic skins sets from the Royal Guard collection, and each pack contains Unit NFTs, which will become playable when Wild Forest launches later in 2024. 

“By prioritizing affordability, accessibility, and equitable asset distribution, we are enabling a wider audience to participate in the mint and play a part in Wild Forest history as we prepare for the upcoming game release,” commented Zillion Whales CEO Andrey Korotkov.

“Wild Forest is a perfect fit for our strategy of delivering fast-paced mobile games through Ronin. The team’s past success with Mushroom Wars, which garnered millions of downloads,  is a testament to their ability to create engaging gameplay experiences that resonate with players,” said Sky Mavis co-founder and CEO Trung Nguyen.

You can play Wild Forest open beta until the end of Q1 2024, which is available via Google Play and iOS TestFlight.

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