LightLink’s Bolt tech has minted 2.5 million NFTs

Ethereum L2 blockchain LightLink has announced its gaming plugin Bolt, which allows game developers to mint tokens based on a game’s metadata, has minted 2.5 million tokens. These have been generated by partner projects including Grapes and TallyUP.

With its instant data collection and the adoption of LightLink’s blockchain technology, Bolt has simplified the token generation process significantly, as well as provided users with gas-free token minting. By leveraging Enterprise Mode and Bolt, LightLink suggests web3 game developers can reduce the minting cost to $5,000 per 1 million NFTs, “a fraction of the cost when compared with other platforms”. 

Casual web3 mobile game TallyUP has developed a proof of concept integration with LightLink, which allows its players the transparency to see all game activity, as a way to build trust among its community.

Another game integrating the Bolt token minting process is Grapes, which minted out its 3,333 Ethereum-based NFTs in May 2023.

Grapes co-founder Ben Cusack commented, “Onboarding new users is the hardest part for web3 developers as these users are often frustrated by the costs incurred when new assets need to be minted. LightLink and Bolt have not just improved this aspect of development, but have completely eliminated it, setting the industry standard for what web3 games can be.”

The announcement comes at the back of LightLink recently raising $4.5 million in seed funding, and the news of Animoca Brands expanding its gaming integration with the L2 blockchain.

Learn more about Bolt via its website.

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