Double Coconut acquires Splinterlands’ TD game Soulkeep

The Splinterlands team has announced its tower defense game Soulkeep has been acquired by Double Coconut, the studio who originally developed the game.

Changing hands doesn’t mean the game is moving from the Splinterlands platform however. Despite Double Coconut taking full charge of the building and forthcoming launch of Soulkeep, it will remain integrated with the Splinterlands’ ecosystem, allowing players to manage their collections and utilize the NFT market through Splinterlands’ website, and other third party tools. Splinterlands SPS and DEC tokens will also be used in the game.

“We feel that this sale gives the Soulkeep game the best chances of success as well as providing the most value to purchasers of the Nightmare packs over the long term,” commented the Splinterlands team.

Led by CEO David Fox, Double Coconut has already built more than a dozen games, including web3 titles BlackJack Blitz from Joyride and Play with Brio from Interpop.

As the new owner of Soulkeep, the studio will not just develop the game, but also take hold of its future tokenomics and community relationship, among other responsibilities. 

David Fox commented, “We are so happy to finally be launching this innovative tower defense title. Double Coconut is dedicated to growing Soulkeep into a preeminent and iconic web3 title. We strongly believe in the principals of ownership and community involvement that make Splinterlands a success, and are positive this game can add a new layers of fun and bring in different types of players.”

On Splinterlands behalf, the team wants to support a smooth integration between Soulkeep and its own platform, and as such be able to showcase a model for other games looking to integrate with Splinterlands assets in the future.

The game was developed during 2023 and was planned to be released that year but Splinterlands’ reorganisation resulted in its delay and the subsequent change of ownership.

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