Splinterlands marks 6th anniversary with 2 million DEC tournament

To mark its 6th anniversary, TCG Splinterlands has rolled out a community event aimed to celebrate the game’s journey so far, from its humble beginnings back in 2018.

To start off, fans of Splinterlands can share their best memories of the game via platform X, using hashtag #ageofthebattlemage. By interacting with these posts, other community members have a chance to become one of 120 winners getting a share of 335 Rebellion booster card packs.

Starting 23rd May, the anniversary event runs through 31st May, and participants have 48 hours after each new post to interact with it.

To cap it off, the event will close with an open tournament, Rise of the Champion, which is set to be Splinterlands’ biggest one throughout 2024.

With a total prize pool of 1,576,000 DEC tokens, worth $1,245, and additional Runi NFTs, Land plots, and Rebellion packs, the rewards distribution will be:

  • 1st place: Runi + 5 plots + 1,000,000 DEC
  • 2nd place: Runi + 4 plots + 500,000 DEC
  • 3rd place: 4 plots + 45,000 DEC
  • 4th-10th place: 1 plot + 20,000 DEC
  • 11th to 47th place: 7,000 DEC + 2 Rebellion packs
  • 48th to 61st place: 4,000 DEC + 1 Rebellion pack
  • 62nd to 138th place: 1 Rebellion pack

When entering web3 gaming in 2018, the Splinterlands team set out “to create a game that was not only fun, but also gave players true ownership of their digital assets” – a concept which has been universally embraced by the industry today. Like many other developers however, the studio has been hit by the effects of the bear market in 2023, which resulted in significant company restructures and cut-backs last year. To that end, it also sold off its tower defense game Soulkeep to partner studio Double Coconut earlier in 2024.

At times, Splinterlands has peaked as the most popular blockchain game with around 400,000 daily active users, although a large number of these are believed to have been bots. Today the game regularly hits a more humble 50,000 DAUWs. 

In terms of upcoming releases, fans can expect revamped gameplay in areas including Land, housing, player avatars, card skins, boss battles, and more.

Stay up-to-date via SplinterlandsX account, and visit its website to play the game.

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