Immutable closing in on 1.4 million unique users

Six months after Immutable launching its Passport onboarding solution, it’s hit over 1 million sign-ups. Indeed, real-time block explorer data shows it’s closing in on 1.4 million cummulative users, as the company reaps the fruit of the recent Guild of Guardians launch and game developer Boomland joining its ecosystem. 

At a closer look, it seems Boomland’s flagship web3 game Hunters On-Chain is the primary driver behind the rapid increase of 400,000 new account sign-ups reported in the past month, compared to the previous five months it took to reach the initial 600,000 accounts.

Since the start of its migration from Polygon to Immutable zkEVM, Hunters On-Chain has attracted significant traffic, currently sitting at 120,000 daily active users. 

One likely reason for the increased activity is Boomland’s current pre-launch preparations and onboarding activities for Hunters On-Chain ahead of its 250 million BOOM play-to-airdrop event.

Meanwhile, on-chain data shows Immutable’s mobile RPG Guild of Guardians, which launched on 15th May, is experiencing a slower pick up.

Looking at the graph, the influx of new sign-ups mainly happened on the 11-12th May, with no significant uptick from the 15th. But this could change as players progress to more advanced stages, as Guild of Guardians is free-to-play and players don’t need to register to get access. However to unlock later modes such as endless battles, an Immutable Passport account is required.

To some extent, Immutable’s recently launched rewards program The Main Quest would also account for some of the recent uptick.

Designed to encourage players to get involved in Guild of Guardians and other releases on Immutable zkEVM, The Main Quest allows users signing up to claim daily gems. Notably, Hunters On-Chain is included in the first wave of games to be featured in The Main Quest.

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