Anticipated December releases

Some exciting web3 gaming releases are upon us as we enter the last month of 2023.

Splinterlands Rebellion card release

First up, on 5th December TCG Splinterlands is launching its biggest and most game changing card set.

With Rebellion, four new unit abilities are set to be introduced. They include: 

  • Armored Strike – units with this ability gains an extra melee attack by using its Armor stat. 
  • Corrosive Ward – units with this ability does damage to the attacker’s Armor and reduces the max Armor of the attacker when hit with a melee attack.
  • Flank – if units with this ability are in first position the unit in the second position gains the Reach ability. This emphasises the strategic importance of positioning as it enable the first two units to work together to bring down the enemy.
  • Lookout – units with this ability results in adjacent allies taking one less damage from attackers with the Sneak, Snipe, and Opportunity abilities.

More significantly, Rebellion will feature new summoners. Five Rare Summoners and one Legendary Dragon Summoner, in addition to six Legendary Summoners will be introduced. Many of those will be dual-elements, which means they can summon cards from two of the five basic elements Fire, Water, Life, Earth and Death. With a new feature called Summoners Tactics, players will also be able to choose between different buffs or debuffs after both players’ teams have been revealed.

Another change is the airdrop structure. A new system called Conflicts is introduced in which players are required to stake their unopened Rebellion booster packs or cards to participate in the Chaos Legion war and earn new airdrop cards, based on the amount of packs and/or cards they contribute over the duration of a Conflict. Each Conflict period will be roughly a month long and only Rebellion cards and booster packs can be used.

With these changes, and more, the team is hoping to reward players who commit to the game and ecosystem in the long haul.

Shrapnel early access on Epic Games

One of the most anticipated web3 games of 2023 is Neon Machine’s Avalanche-based extraction FPS Shrapnel. While a definite launch date is yet to be revealed, we know its early access is due via Epic Games Store sometime during December 2023.

Access will be limited to holders of extraction packs, which come in three different ranks. Light is the most basic $20 pack and contains one operator, gear pack and consumable pack in addition to 6 weeks of airdrop eligibility. In contrast, a $100 Heavy pack gives users the option to choose from 3 operators and contain more of everything else, in addition to 3 exclusive skins and a giftable Light extraction pack.

Symbiogenesis launch

As we draw closer to the dawn, and in good time for Christmas, Japanese gaming heavyweight Square Enix will launch its narrative-driven collectible NFT game Symbiogenesis on 21st December. 

Symbiogenesis is largely centered around 10,000 collectible NFT characters which offer in-game utility. As users enter the world of Symbiogenesis, which is described as the last floating continent left of the planet, the main story is gradually unveiled in conjunction with individual stories related to each NFT character. New NFTs are unlocked with each new chapter, of which there are a total of 6, and ultimately players will be part in determining the end of the story.

Users need to be on the allowlist to be able to mint a character NFT ahead of the game launch. In addition, there will be member card NFTs through which holders can up their Member Rank and other campaign NFTs which offer various benefits.

Wilder World‘s first playable experience

Also taking place on 21st December, Ethereum-built Wilder World debuts its first experience, PC-based car racer Midnight in Wiami.

As part of the Wilder World metaverse, Midnight in Wiami will see players race on the streets of Wiami, where everything from avatars to clothing, vehicles, land, buildings, and more, will eventually be tradable NFTs. The game is backed by ERC-20 token WILD, which also serves as the project’s native DAO token, as per Wilder World’s whitepaper.

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