Find Satoshi Lab launches MOOAR Box rewards

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STEPN-developer Find Satoshi Lab has launched MOOAR Box, a new reward system for its NFT marketplace and launchpad. Likely inspired by similar loyalty systems from Blur and Magic Eden, the more you use MOOAR for NFT trading, the more boxes you will receive.

These boxes contain Bluechip NFT shards, which can be collected and redeemed for NFTs, traded or burned for FSL’s GMT token. The system is built on a tiered quality model and also has a referral link element.

Rewards and shards will vary for each season. MOOAR Box Season 1 spans four rounds, each consisting of two weeks, with rewards such as the STEPN x MOOAR Genesis Sneaker and BAYC NFTs, totalling $3 million.

“MOOAR Box is a game-changer for us at FSL. It fortifies our FSL ecosystem, fosters deeper community bonds and amplifies user engagement. We see this as a significant step in creating a more immersive and rewarding experience for our users,” commented Find Satoshi Lab COO Shiti Manghani.

Find Satoshi Lab is behind move-to-earn game STEPN, NFT marketplace and launchpad MOOAR, DEX DOOAR and forthcoming social mobile game Gas Hero.

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