Cometh launches Cosmik Battle into early access

Space-themed web3 TCG Cosmik Battle from French game studio Cometh has launched early access on Epic Games Store, Ultra and Hyperplay.

Initially available on PC, Cosmik Battle early access will be live for a month, with the official launch following immediately afterwards. As such, it’s among the first blockchain games to release on Epic Games, joining titles such as Champions Ascension, Blocklords and Gods Unchained. Next to Aurory’s Seekers of Tokane, the game is also among the first built on Arbitrum to launch on the platform.

Cosmik Battle is deployed on Cometh’s native blockchain Muster, which is an L3 built on Arbitrum, leveraging its latest tech stack Orbit. It also utilises Cometh’s wallet solution Cometh Connect to provide easy onboarding through social and email login, without the need of creating a web3 wallet, and offers gas-free transactions and fiat payments. 

A free-to-play, turn-based PVP TCG, Cosmik Battle takes players into a space universe where they take on the role of wannabe pilots. Featuring NFTs and additional tradable items, the game allows players to choose their spaceships, gather resources, and craft cards strategically, in a quest to beat their opponents.

Game items will be tradable on Cosmik Battle’s own marketplace, or via secondary marketplaces.

In addition, Cometh plans to release on mobile via Google Play and Apple App Store later in 2024.

Cometh CEO Jérôme de Tychey commented, “As game developers, we firmly uphold the belief that video games should not merely serve as a pretext to make blockchain technology more enticing. We do not create “blockchain games”- we create games.  As a testimony to this philosophy, we refuse to build our games on play-to-earn models. Instead, we believe in blockchain for its capacity to strengthen the link between players and their favorite games.”

Stay up-to-date on Cosmik Battle via its website – and play the game on Epic Games here.

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