Netmarble’s Marblex and Wemade’s Play Toz join forces

Netmarble’s blockchain outfit Marblex has joined forces with Wemade’s blockchain subsidiary Play Toz.

Both headquartered in South Korea, the gaming companies have formed a strategic alliance containing marketing collaborations and a joint web3 ecosystem including games, metaverse, and NFT-based experiences.

To kick off the new partnership, Play Toz’s community platform TOZ Universe and Marblex have launched an airdrop campaign on Gleam. Users completing certain missions have a chance to get a TOZ Universe FAM NFT, which is an upgradable 3D avatar.

While Wemade is best known for its mobile success Anipang, its subsidiary Play Toz is building a web3 metaverse utilizing the Anipang IP. More broadly, its aim is to bolster web3 adoption by integrating blockchain features into existing web2 experiences.

Apart from its Anipang series, Wemade’s web3 initiative spans further to blockchain gaming platform Wemix Play, as well as web3 titles such as Bird Tornado, Mir4, Mir M, and forthcoming Night Crows.

Similarly, Marblex has integrated web3 features in Netmarble games including A3: Still Alive, Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds, The King of Fighters Arena and Meta World: My City.

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