Pixels hits 1.1 million players since launching on Ronin

Expect more figures about the rise of daily and monthly active users in web3 gaming in the near future, as its boom now seems undeniable. 

We recently noted that Heroes of Mavia claims to have exceeded 2.6 million MAUs, while the MAVIA token has increased over 230% since launching in February. Worth pointing out is that the game has no blockchain integrated yet, so it currently operates as a F2P mobile strategy game, with forthcoming web3 implementation.

In contrast, browser-based social farming game Pixels has been live on Ronin since October 2023, and on Polygon previous to that, and has both NFTs and a token integrated.

A closer look at recent numbers make Pixels’ continued success evident. 

According to an open data dashboard, it’s broken 1.1 million in total unique wallets since it launched on Ronin. Actually this is not a surprise, considering that it’s currently boasting over 320,000 DAUWs – of which about 275,000 are retained and 25,000 new users.

The inflow of new users in combination with a high retention rate is suggestive of a game’s sustainability beyond speculative trends and hype.

Interestingly, balancing healthy user rates with token utility seems to be the recipe CEO Luke Barwikowski is cooking. In a recent post on X he said, “Here are the questions you should be asking:

  • Is Pixels retaining users?
  • What are players doing with $PIXEL?
  • How will Pixels acquire new users?

We will be the biggest gaming company in web3 if we keep focus here.”

In fact, with its current 2 million monthly active unique wallets, Ronin has also surged, much thanks to players’ enthusiasm for planting seeds, acquiring pets and chasing PIXEL rewards.

On that note, following its launch on Binance on 19th February, the PIXEL token is now valued among the top 200 crypto currencies in the world, with a market cap of $440 million.

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