Heroes of Mavia hits 2.6 million MAUs

While slowing down since its initial launch at the beginning of February 2024, the growth of Skrice Studios’ Heroes of Mavia has remained steady.

Within a week of launch, it surpassed expectations, breaking 1 million downloads across Android and iOS. And now, developer Skrice has claimed that the Clash of Clans-inspired mobile strategy game has reached 2.6 million monthly active users, exceeding both browser-based social RPG Pixels and mobile-based football game NFL Rivals.

The game’s MAVIA token has also surged, up from around $1.80 at launch to hit $10 in under two weeks. This increase was partly bolstered by a 30-day airdrop campaign rewarding early players in MAVIA tokens. However, the price has since come down and is currently around $6.

Although no blockchain elements are live in the game yet, Land NFTs will eventually be integrated and the team recently announced Heroes of Mavia will deploy on Coinbase’s Ethereum L2 blockchain Base.

Visit the Heroes of Mavia website to stay up-to-date.

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