Aurory shuts down Tactics game to focus on Seekers of Tokane

Back in March 2023, the Aurory team showcased its first game, turn-based battler Aurory Tactics at GDC. Since then, it’s been a busy year of rolling out new features, cross-chain integration, and titles all part of the wider Aurory ecosystem, most prominently its RPG Seekers of Tokane

Indeed, the development of both Tactics and Seekers of Tokane has been so overwhelming to the team, head of production Jonathan Campeau recently took to platform X to announce the imminent closing of Aurory Tactics.

While the developer has known for a long time that cheating and fixed matchmaking is taking place within the game, its preventative measures have not been sufficient to stop it. This has led the team to ban the game among large IP addresses and entire countries. 

However, that’s now affecting the growth of the studio’s newly released Seekers of Tokane, which can’t be played by users in those countries. So the team has found itself in a position of having to decide which game to proceed with, as balancing the two and running live ops for both, is not sustainable. 

This means Aurory Tactics will be shut down, and Campeau explains it will be done in two phases. The first and immediate measure is to stop all rewarded battles in the game, which will end Monday 4th March. This will be followed by the halt of rewards distribution on Tuesday 5th March. 

The next phase, which will run until the end of the current Aurory Tactics season on 30th April, is the final sunsetting of the title after which it will shut down, although the team remain interested in rebooting the game in a version 2 form, perhaps in 2025.

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