Hytopia’s L2 Hychain node sale starts 2nd March

Minecraft-derived web3 creator platform Hytopia recently announced the node sale for its newly launched L2 blockchain Hychain.

An initial exclusive whitelist sale is set to start Saturday 2nd March, followed by the public sale 24 hours later on Sunday 3rd March.

With a rewards pool of 250 million TOPIA tokens, and an additional 25% of perpetual transaction fees, the node sale encourages Hytopia community members to contribute to the chain’s consensus approach, sustainability and security. Distributed over a 3-year timeline, node operators will gain rewards based on their uptime and the number of keys assigned to their node. The keys have a limited supply of 50,000 and will be available in 30 different pricing tiers, although their functionality is the same.

Tier 1 will offer 3,183 node keys to a price of 0.1 ETH, then the quantity decreases while the price increases for each tier, as more keys are purchased. 

Apart from TOPIA tokens, node operators will also be offered additional benefits such as early access to beta features and special in-game items.

Hytopia and Hychain co-founder ArkDev commented, “The HYCHAIN Node Sale is a huge win for decentralized gaming. We’re giving back to the community and incentivizing participation in network security. This is a bright day for web3, and we look forward to seeing what players create using this technology.”

“By decentralizing the operation of our network, we’re handing over the keys to the community, empowering them to shape the future of gaming.”

To date, the team claims to have over 1,000 games registered to build on Hychain, which recently migrated from Polygon to Arbitrum.

Its creator platform Hytopia is heavily influenced by web2 sandbox game Minecraft, with the significant difference that it leverages blockchain to build user-driven economies and secure digital ownership for players and creators. 

For more details, read the Hychain doc.

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