Arbitrum unveils 8-week gameathon

Ethereum L2 Arbitrum has announced details for its forthcoming onchain gameathon event Arbitrum Arcade.

Running for 8 weeks, the event so far contains 24 games native to Arbitrum’s ecosystem, deployed either on Arbitrum One, Nova, or an Arbitrum Orbit chain. The event begins on 11th March via Arbitrum Portal, however game developers looking to enter have until 15th March to deploy their games on-chain. 

Content creators are particularly encouraged to participate in Arbitrum Arcade. By making specific content around the games on their designated weeks, users have a chance to win a share of the $200,000 prize pool and one of three custom gaming PCs. To join, creators must sign up before 4th March.

Titles lined up for the first seven weeks of the gameathon include 

  • Ai Arena, 
  • Army of Tactics, 
  • BattleFly, 
  • BattlePlan!, 
  • Bitmates, 
  • Cosmik Battle, 
  • Dininho, 
  • Forgotten Runiverse, 
  • Kaiju Cards, 
  • Knights of the Ether, 
  • Kuroro Beasts, 
  • Lost Donkeys, 
  • Mighty Action Heroes, 
  • Minters World, 
  • Monkey Empire, 
  • Pirate Nation, 
  • Realm, 
  • SankoGameCorp, 
  • Tales of Elleria, 
  • The Beacon, 
  • Treasure, 
  • Xai, 
  • Zeeverse, and 
  • ZTX

Games not included in the first seven weeks have a chance to feature in the eighth and final week of Arbitrum Arcade. In order to bring in-game achievements on-chain, Arbitrum has collaborated with Ethereum infrastructure solution Clique. 

Find out more via Arbitrum’s Arcade site.

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